Asimina triloba (Canadian Pawpaw) bareroot


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Choice North American native fruit tree with 8 oz fruits which have a tropical taste & aroma of banana, mango & pineapple; custard texture. High in antioxidants. Full/semi sun; well draining fertile soil. Not self fertile. Rare. Seed grown. Organic. Mycorrhizae treated


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Choose the “Plant” shipping option when ordering plants otherwise we will refuse your order.

Pawpaws are beautiful unique fruit trees. Large leaves, dark purple flowers & its thin skinned mango sized fruits are often borne in clusters. Yellow to orange aromatic delicious flesh tastes of a blend of mango, pineapple, banana, caramel & vanilla. Many uses: fresh, baking, pudding, chutney, beer, wine, pie, its pulp froze for later & more. Production best in full sun, but young plants need some shade in their first years. Pest & disease resistant. Easy to grow. Not reliably* self fertile. Very deep tap root. Does not take kindly to pruning.

*Pawpaw fb groups have demonstrated hand pollination being quite successful. It just takes experience and finesse.

  • Grown from Canadian (Ontario) seed source
  • Available in when temps for shipping are better
  • Plant type: Deciduous fruit tree
  • Mature Size: 5m tall x 3m wide.
  • Hardiness Zones: 5-10
  • Habitat: Sun to semi sun; rich loamy acidic soils.

Culture: prefers full to semi sun; deep humus rich acidic fertile soil (never waterlogged clay soils). Pick a spot where its calm as strong winds can damage leaves. When seating, add compost or organic material at the bottom of the transplant hole (should be 45 cm in diameter & as deep) along with a cup of low nitrogen fertilizer & mix with parent soil; direct fertilizer-root contact causes root burn & sets back growth. Gently spread the roots while filling. tamping ever so gently so there are no soil voids. Water regularly especially during summer drought. Mulch conserves soil moisture, keep roots cool & control weeds. Being new to orchard culture, not much is known of needed annual fertilizer amendments, but the addition of potassium is beneficial as BC’s soils tend to be inherently potassium deficient soils. Asimina are incredibly ancient with fossils found 55 million years old & might have evolved before bees as flies & beetles are the main pollinators. One grower hangs dry fish in his trees as an attractant. Others hand pollinate to ensure crops of this unique fruit. We grow our plants from seed from Zone 6 Ontario. Foliage naturally smells of diesel so it might deter deer.


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