Seed Terms

STATEMENT OF POLICY: All seeds are offered cleaned unless marked otherwise.  Seeds are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, as to description and productiveness. Goods should be inspected upon arrival. Contact us if you have any concerns. We cannot consider claims after seeds have been stored, treated, or planted. While it is true that we endeavor to keep our species seed true to name, there will be the odd cross pollination by an overly enthusiastic bee. We are not responsible for loss in viability due to adverse storage conditions. Some seed will be offered moist stored as to maintain viability . We often perform viability such as cut tests to ensure seed viability.  All of our seed is kept in refrigerated (2-4C) storage.  We do try and keep up with the latest nomenclature and list our seed as so as to prevent confusion in the errant use of common names. 

PLEASE NOTE: we will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature for uninsured parcels foreign and domestic.

SEED STORAGE:  Please keep all seed refrigerated (2-4C) to maintain viability until you are ready to sow.  This can extend the viability of seed. 

SHIPMENTS OUTSIDE CANADA – Most if not all countries require a PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE (ie USA, EU, and Japan) will be charged at cost ($20CDN) for us to do the paperwork and arrange inspection by the Canada Food Inspection Agency.  Fees will be combined with shipping at checkout.

Please check with your country’s restricted species listing. If prohibited species are in your order, we will refund those and send those permitted.

July 12, 2021 edit: This TRACES program might no longer need to be used with the IOSS system that is now used throughout the EU. But it is still good to know what species are and are not allowed into the EU. Some species such as Fragaria need a valid permit submitted before our inspectors will issue a Phytosanitary Certificate.

All EU countries require a Phytosanitary Certificate for seed imports from Canada. We encourage you to select tracked shipping in case your seeds are held at customs. You might need to go through the TRACES CHED-PP (plant products) program.

This is a guide to what plant seed is allowed into the EU.  Please check with your country to validate. Here is the link:

If you have a government issued import permit to circumvent this, please email it to us so we can include it in your order.