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Australia-Tazmania, New Zealand and USA Customers

Australia-Tazmania: From April 28, 2022, all seed for sowing imports into Australia, from all countries, will require a phytosanitary certificate. The only exclusion is for restricted seed species that require growth in post entry quarantine on arrival in Australia, or seeds imported for research purposes.

This is a requirement of seeds for sowing to protect against khapra beetle.

The specific information explaining the phytosanitary requirements can be found on the Departments website: Requirements for seeds for sowing to protect against khapra beetle.

This AQIS resource provides a “Permitted Seed for Sowing” listing. Very user friendly. Check your Genus-species before you order. If you have questions, they give straight forward answers to email queries within a day or two.

IMHO, all nation state agriculture governmental entities should use this as a template to prevent confusion and needless frustration for both importers and exporters. Really, its a no-brainer.

New Zealand: Not all seed require Phytosanitary Certificate. Keep in mind some Genus require an import permit from the NZ government. Here is the link to NZ’s Seed for Sowing regs. More countries should adopt this format.

USA Customers: All seed and plant import require a Phytosanitary Certificate. This is the best we could find in what is and what is not allowed for importation. Scroll down to Chapter 4 (4-28 section for Seeds from Canada)