Fragaria chiloensis seeds (Pacific Wild Strawberry)


Collected from the coastal beaches of Haida Gwaii these succulent frut are incredibly fragrant and its intense taste makes your mind explode. Easy to grow

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So fragrant you smell them before you see them. Delicious and extremely productive. Thick leathery evergreen glossy leaves on long stems and white flowers look very much like a smaller version of commercial varieties. Makes dense carefree colonies when happy so filling a bucket is not hard to do. Its quite an event when the strawberries are ripe on Haida Gwaii’s Rose Spit. This species continues to be used by breeders to create many of today’s strawberry cultivars.

  • Seed Count: 40-45
  • Collection Date: July 2018
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Height and Width: creeping perennial
  • Germination test type: float
  • Family: Rosaceae

How to germinate Fragaria chiloensis seeds:

Soak seed 24 hours. Mix with a small amount of sand and sow thinly on the surface of a sand based medium. Keep moist. Chill to mimic early spring conditions for 60-90 days (do not freeze) a unheated greenhouse is ideal. Germinate at 20 C. Use a good wide nursery pot and prick out seedlings when in they have their 4th set of true leaves into individual pots to grow out and transplant.



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