Morelle de Balbis seeds (Solanum sisymbriifolium)


80 days.  Solanum sisymbriifolium. This tomato relative bears red cherry sized fruits that taste like cherries.  We are growing it for the first time this year.  What catches my curiosity is that it reportedly tastes like cherries, lobed leaves and prickles.  Gonna find out if we can make a mock cherry pie.


80 days.  Solanum sisymbriifolium. Not a tomato but a tomato relative.  Bears red cherry sized fruits that genuinely taste like cherries.  We are growing it for the first time and I am not disappointed. Attractive potato like flowers start life a snowy white then transition to mauve-light blue over the days. Fruits form within the thorned husks (like a tomatillo) which eventually splits, peels back to reveal red ripe fruit.  Totally unique.  Study plants don’t need staking.  Native to Paraguay.  Not a tomato.

As I’m writing this (May 14) a few experimental plants are outside in one gallon pots without protection. Verdict: roots are emerging from the bottom of the 1 gallon pots.  With its lobed leaves, white main vein and soft prickle like projections, its hard to miss.

  • Seed Count: 25-30
  • Collection Date: August 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: 6-9
  • Tomato type: species; 2m sturdy determinate; lobed leaves
  • Height and Width: 2m thorny branched annual
  • Germination test type: hand sort

How to germinate Litchi tomato seeds:

Seeds need light to germinate. Surface sow in a pot deeper than 4 inches (10cm).  Mist well 2x a day. Use a clear plastic cover and germinate at 25-28C.  Should germinate in 5-10 days.  Grow like regular tomatoes.


Additional information

Weight 3 g
Seed Count

pkt, 100 seeds


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