Buddleja davidii seeds (Butterfly bush)


Blooms twice once in mid summer and again in early fall.  The sublime honey scent attracts many nectar seekers


The honey scent is sublime attracting many bees, butterflies and many other pollinators. 45 cm flower spikes are heavy enough to bend its branches in graceful arches.  Semi evergreen in milder climates.  Prefers coarse soil. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant.  Blooms on new wood; can prune heavily to maintain tidy form.  Seeds are dispersed by wind.  Detests moist soils.  Considered an invasive species in Washington & Oregon states.  To prevent spread, trim off spent flowering spikes to thwart seed development.

Blooms twice; the first being in July and the second in September.  Good cut flower.

  • Seed Count: +300
  • Collection Date: Nov 2022
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-10
  • Height and Width: 5m x 3m
  • Germination test type: hand sort
  • Family: Scrophulariaceae

How to germinate Buddleja davidii seeds:

Very fine seed. Surface sow. Barely cover with a layer of fine medium (silica sand) as seed needs light to germinate and needs to be anchored down.  Mist well.  Provide clear plastic cover and strong indirect light.  Mist daily.  Should germinate in 30 days.  No pre-germination treatment needed such as cold stratification.

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Buddleja davidii

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