Lilium formosanum var. pricei seeds (Dwarf Formosa Lily)


Native to Taiwan, this Lilium species has the most gorgeous flowers being pure white interior but the white exterior is marked with sweeping bands of purple-magenta.  Easiest of the lilies to grow from seed.

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The dwarf form of Formosa Lily can bloom in its first year from seed.  Being of small stature, its best in rock gardens, along walkways or the front of perennial beds where its perfume and beauty can be enjoyed up close. It also does well in pots.  Sturdy plants seem to defy gravity holding up its elongated 20cm elongated trumpet shaped flowers which can be just as large as the plant.  Sadly it is not long lived with a lifespan of 3-4 years, but it can self seed when happy and seed is easy enough to start to give a continuous supply of plants.

  • Seed Count: 12-15
  • Collection Date: Nov 2021
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Height and Width: 45cm x 15m
  • Habitat: Full-semi sun; well draining rich moist soils.
  • Germination test type: light box
  • Family: Liliaceae

How to germinate Lilium formosanum var pricei seeds:

If started early enough, it can bloom in its first year, otherwise it will bloom in its second.  This is a warm temp germinator only needing moist warm (25-28C) conditions to spout in 3-12 weeks. Best not to disturb roots. One grower uses little clear tubs with fitted lid. Fluffy barely moist peat moss is used. First 8cm is medium, then there’s a sprinkle of seeds, followed by a misting, then another 3cm of fluffy peat, and another sprinkle of seed (then mist), and topped by 2cm of fluffy peat. Seat the lid. Place where its warm. Keep an eye on the seeds though the clear tub.  When you see roots touching the bottom,  prepare an appropriate sized pot that will accommodate the number of plants/seed sown.  Without disturbing the roots too much, pop out the seedling mass out of the clear container and plop it into the prepared pot. Voila!  Let grow until large enough to handle into individual pots or seat in the garden when danger of frost has passed. Don’t let seedlings dry out. Alternately, you can baggie sow. Prick out seedlings when just germinated and grow on.



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