Lettuce “Speckled Trout” seeds


55 days. An heirloom romaine lettuce known as “Forellenschuss” or “Speckled Trout Back” aptly named for the attractive purple markings on a green background. Good thick robust leaves.

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55 days. Romaine type. Known as “Forellenschuss” or “Speckled Trout Back” in our native Austria, this heirloom romaine will add substance as well as a gourmet touch to any dish/salad with its bright green, good thick full leaves splashed with deep purple/maroon. One of many heirlooms I will be growing from the old country.

  • Seed Count: 150
  • Collection Date: Aug 2018
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: 45cm x 20cm
  • Germination test type: germination

How to germinate “Speckled Trout” lettuce seeds:

Thinly sow and barely cover; tamp firm & mist. Greater success with clear cover. Gentle bottom heat (15C) promotes germination. Days to germ: 5-10. Grow at 10C in fertile soil. Use liquid kelp for the best salad greens. Heat & intense sun is lettuce’s enemy so its best to grow in a cool site shady site in summer or suffer bitter greens.





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