Sambucus nigra (Black Elderberry) bareroot


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Fragrant white flowers borne in 20cm,flat clusters; followed by near black, round berries in Aug/Sept. For delicious juices, wines, jam, pies and preserves. Self fertile.



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Choose the “Plant” shipping option when ordering plants otherwise we will refuse your order.

Black Elderberry fruits taste very much like black currants. Versatile as it is used to make jellies, jams, syrup, juice, fruit bars & are delicious dehydrated but its best eaten cooked.  Very high in Vit C. Shows promise in slowing age related eye degeneration. Harvests up to 10kg of berries/shrub. Very adaptable; can grow in a range of environments; from damp to dry soil and also clay. You could expect to harvest up to 10kg of berries per shrub. As for pruning, just be aware that fruits are produced on second year wood.

These are cuttings taken from productive trees where the fruit clusters are heavy and bend the branches.  We are growing these in 14 inch deep pots after they quickly outgrew their 8 inch tree pots.

  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Height x Width: 4m x 4m

Culture: prefers full to semi sun; deep humus rich acidic fertile soil (never waterlogged clay soils). Pick a spot where its calm as strong winds can damage leaves. When seating, add compost or organic material at the bottom of the transplant hole (should be 45 cm in diameter & as deep) along with a cup of low nitrogen fertilizer & mix with parent soil; direct fertilizer-root contact causes root burn & sets back growth. Gently spread the roots while filling. tamping ever so gently so there are no soil voids. Water regularly especially during summer drought. Mulch conserves soil moisture, keep roots cool & control weeds.