Carya illinoinensis bareroot (Hardy Northern Pecan)


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From northern sourced pecan trees, these have proved themselves to be hardy and very productive in shorter season climates with more brutal winters.


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Choose the “Plant” shipping option when ordering plants otherwise we will refuse your order.

Hardy sweet northern pecans for northern growers.  NOT SELF FERTILE. Tall graceful trees can bear 100 kg or more of sweet edible nuts per tree. Lovely light green compound leaves add a tropical look to trees that can reach 20 meters at maturity (200 years) so plan accordingly. This specie can adapt to many soil types with a pH range of 5 to 7.5, but the better the soil quality is the better the growth along with nut harvest and quality. In dry poor soils, the tree often defoliates early unless provided with additional moisture. Nut size increases with established trees. Not salt tolerant so don’t plant near sites where winter salt is used.

If you were wondering why I hadn’t offered pecan seed, its because I have a hard enough time getting folks to pay for “over sized seed shipping” for Davidia and Quercus where the best viable seed can often exceed 2cm in diameter.  These pecans were grown from very large heavy nuts from northern sourced trees.

These trees were grown in 14 inch tall pots.  Now the roots are more than just peeking out of the bottoms, they’re making break for the border.

Organic grown. Inoculated with broad spectrum mycorrhizae.

Hardiness Zone 6-9


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