Calycanthus chinensis bareroot (Chinese Sweetshrub)


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Rare deciduous shrub with pale pink and yellow waxy cup & saucer flowers. Huge glossy spice scented leaves. Full to semi sun; well draining moist soil. Golden fall color. Deer proof. No disease.  Seed grown


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Aka Sinocalycanthus chinensis.  An unusual, attractive spicy scented shrub. Broad mid green leaves; glossy upper side & downy underside. Unique cup & saucer have very thick waxy petals of pink & ivory. No scent. Nice yellow autumn colour.  Extremely fragrant roots.  Deer proof; no disease problems.  RARE.   Will cross pollinate with its fellow Calycanthus kin to create  some very attractive hybrids such as “Hartlage Wine” and “Venus”.

  • Available in Sept/Oct when temps for shipping are better
  • Hardiness Zones: 6-9
  • Height x Width: 3m x 3m
  • Plant Type: deciduous woody multi-stemmed flowering shrub
  • Habitat:  Full to semi sun; well draining moist humus rich acidic soils

When seating your tree, add some of compost or organic material at bottom of the transplant hole (should be 45 cm in diameter & as deep) along with a handful of low nitrogen fertilizer & mix with the parent soil.  Be aware direct fertilizer-root contact can burn roots & set back growth. Tease roots from the ball while filling the soil, tamping ever so gently.  Water regularly during summer drought. Mulch conserves soil moisture, keep roots cool & control weeds.  Prune early winter as plants can bleed to death when pruned when sap flows.  Seed grown. Mycorrhizae treated.



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