Humulus lupulus “Baynes Sound Hops” bareroot


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Our seed grown female cultivar. Vigorous. Disease resistant. Deer Proof. A handful of strobiles added to any inexpensive beer kit will make it taste like an artisanal craft brew.

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Established root cutting from our female plant.  Hops is a resinous, hairy, climbing herbaceous perennial vine where the leaves resemble dark green grape leaves.  Provides highly fragrant fresh hops strobiles or cones where a handful will lend its own distinctive flavor you can call your own.  Once established it can grow 15 cm a day making it a perfect quick growing summer screen to cover a fence, for privacy, shade,  and can be dense enough to be uses as a barrier. Mature vines can grow 9m (the record is 14m).  Harvest strobiles/cones when at the bright green stage and the yellow resin is highly fragrant.

Leaves fall from the vines after a killing frost.  The vines also die, but are fibrous and will persist if not cut down and used for various crafts such as wreaths and basket making.  In Scandinavia, a coarse cloth is made from the processed hemp like fiber. The roots become dormant and await spring.  Young emerging shoots are edible and taste somewhat like asparagus (raw or steamed)

  • Hardiness Zones: 3-9
  • Height x Width: +9m x +5m
  • Plant Type: deciduous climbing vine, will spread via underground rhizomes
  • Habitat:  Full to semi sun; well draining moist humus rich acidic soils

Culture:  Commercial growers space hills 45cm apart with up to three plants per hill. The soil should be deeply cultivated, rich, and moist, with full/ half day sun with good air circulation. Being vigorous, use a liquid fertilizer (or dress amply with compost) for the best results.  Loves mulch.  In the fall, cut down vines but leave 18cm stubble (as a marker) and mulch. In the spring, remove any excess mulch, add compost and stand back and watch it grow!    Deer resistant.



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