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Phytosanitary Certificates: Limo vs Ride Share costs explained for International customers

Hello! This only applies to International customers who require a Phytosanitary Certificate to import seeds and plants into their country from Canada.

There is rarely good news when it comes to increased government services fees. I’m not happy but we’ll try and make this work. We are offering two types of Phyto services: “Limo” and “Ride Share”. “Limo” service means I drop everything and submit your order via Phytosanitary Certificate application. Your order will also be tracked, insured and given an postal upgrade. Then there is our economical “Ride Share” service. Its bare bones and like any ride share, you will have to wait until two other people join. This way I’m able to bundle the PC applications into one fee, but there must be a minimum of three orders for me to break even and keep costs as is.

If you choose “Ride Share” shipping option, you might have to wait a week….or a month.

Please be cognizant of what seed/plants are allowed into your country. Please include substitutes in the order comments when making out your order so we can make the necessary changes to complete your order with a smooth time flow and prevent delays. If you cancel your order after the phyto fees have been paid, we will refund your order MINUS the paid fees which we cannot recover.