Tomato “Black Cherry” seeds


Very productive indeterminate heirloom produces abundant ‘black’ cherry shaped fruits in large clusters.  The flavour is characteristic of all black tomatoes: sweet, complex and rich.  Fruits are just slightly larger than the usual cherry.

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65 days. Very productive indeterminate vines produce loads of ‘black’ cherry shaped fruits in large clusters. The flavour is characteristic of all black tomatoes: sweet, complex and rich. Though classed as a black tomato, the colour is more dark purple-red. Great in salads and eating out of hand. Cut and half to dry…if they’re not all consumed in a snack attack. An open pollinated/heirloom from days where tomatoes touched with a shade of mahogany were considered black versus the more recent releases loaded with anthocyanin.

Interesting note for tomato geeks:  Black Cherry‘s colour is due to the retained chlorophyll so when lycopene is synthesized, the two colours blend to make a notable brick red skin and darker flesh.  Other tomatoes such as Indigo Rose have taken a different pathway with the  β-carotene anthocyanin to make a bold blue skin.

  • Seed Count: 15-20
  • Collection Date: Sept 2023
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: indeterminate
  • Germination test type: sink & actual

How to germinate Black Cherry Tomato seeds:

Sow 5 mm deep. Keep moist; clear plastic cover improves success. Opt. germ temp: 25-28 C. Days to germ: 5-10. Warm moist medium (25-28C) best when sowing. Mist in for good medium contact= jump starts sprouting. ALWAYS use warm 25-28C water, keeps root mitochondria happy & vigorous. A plant is only as good as its roots. Give strong indirect light. At 3rd true leaf, transplant into separate containers. Amend medium with rock phosphate, Gaia Green 4-4-4 & greensand. Weekly amend water with 1 tbsp soluble kelp powder & 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses per 5 gal. Blossom end rot = calcium deficiency. Mulch well. Never use cold water. Luscious fruit. Less acidic than most heirlooms


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