Squash, Zucchini “Dark Star” seeds


50 days. American bred OP zucchini. Excellent for home or market. Dark green smooth thin skin; dense white tasty flesh. Very good disease resistance.

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50 days. C. pepo.  Bush type.  An American bred open pollinated zucchini is one of the best for home use or market. Dark green smooth thin skin covers dense white tasty flesh. Spinless stalks, strong roots, drought tolerant and open form (for easy harvesting) out performs many hybrids. Attractive plants have a silver pattern (so don’t freak out thinking its powdery mildew).  Very good disease resistance.

  • Seed Count: 10-12
  • Collection Date: Nov 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: compact bush
  • Germination test type: hand sort; actual: 90+%

How to germinate Dark Star zucchini seeds:

Sow 5 cm deep. Opt. germ temp 22-25C. Days to germ: 5-10. Habitat: full sun; deep evenly moist fertile well-draining soil. Space 2m part. Start outdoors after frost danger passes or start indoors 3 wks before transplant. Harvest fruit at 15-20cm size for season long production.

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