Snow Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II seeds


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This is a staple variety here climbing alongside the cucumbers or in hanging baskets.  Tender, sweet 12cm pods with substance for snacking, veggie dips, stirfries, wraps and much more.  Blanche and freeze for later.  Only stops producing when you let it go to seed or stop watering. I will attempt pickling young tight pods.

  • Seed Count: 50
  • Collection Date: August 2019
  • Hardiness Zone: garden annual
  • Height and Width: 1m x 1m
  • Preferred conditions: Full sun; humus rich acidic moist soil
  • Germination test type: actual germination
  • Family: Fabaceae

How to germinate pea seeds:

Soak seed 24 hours, changing water at least 2x.  Drain, place in resealable baggie with papertowel and place somewhere warmish (20-25C). Check daily. Once you see a root emerge, its time to transplant into pots to grow on or seat directly into garden after frost has past.  Give something to climb. Does well in hanging baskets but you must put a liner in the basket to retain water.  Pick when 4-5 inches (10-15cm) to keep production happening until frost.




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