Bean, Green Bush “Landreth” seeds


Phaseolus vulgaris. 55 days.  Reliable, productive, fast-growing tall bush bean produces 15 cm meaty stringless delicious green pods.

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This stringless bush green bean has been around since 1885.  It grows a little taller (45cm)  than other bush beans, and the production was very good despite the drought and heat wave that saw daytime temps above 45C and 27C nights.  I will grow these again, hopefully  under normal summer conditions and fill the freezer.  Good bean taste. Pods are meaty and are just under 15cm long. Brown seeds.

  • Count: 15-20
  • Collection Date: Sept 2022
  • Hardiness Zone: garden annual
  • Height and Width: bush bean 45cm x 45cm
  • Germination test type: actual/hand sort
  • Family: Fabaceae

How to germinate “Landreth” bush bean seeds:

Start 4-6 weeks before last frost. Deep containers for good roots. Soak seed 24 hours. Germinate at 28 C for spouts in 3-5 days. Cool conditions at 2nd true leaf stage give sturdy plants. Never overwater. Meanwhile make large sturdy trellis for beans to grow on. Prefers full sun, deep fertile well-draining moist soil.


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