Kalmia microphylla seed (Western Bog-Laurel)


PNW evergreen member of the Ericaceae family finds its home to wet meadows and bogs. The same environment growing sites as Rhododendron groenlandicum (Labrador tea).  Pink cup shaped flowers on long stems adorn branch tips.

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Gorgeous lance shaped leaves are marked with a white along the main vein.  Prefers environments in the garden that mimics wet meadows, bogs, and alpine lakes with humus rich, nutritionally poor soils.  The bold pink petals are fused to create a cup shaped flower.  Blooms earlier than Labrador tea to keep the bumblebees happy.  The spherical seed capsules retain the pink colour contrasting nicely with the foliage.

  • Seed Count: 25-30
  • Collection Date: Oct 2023
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Height and Width: 60m x 60m
  • Germination test type: hand sort
  • Family: Ericaceae

How to germinate Kalmia microphylla seed

Rub peat moss through a 4mm screen to create fine lump free milled peat moss. Add 20/30 filter sand (10% content max) and greensand at 1 tbsp/gallon of medium). Moisten, blend well and fill pots/flats/WHT, tamp firm. Sprinkle seeds thinly on medium surface. Mist well. Give gentle warmth (20-25C). Lightly mist daily. Provide strong indirect light. Clear plastic cover helps maintain humidity and enhance germination /seedling survival by not letting medium desiccate. Seeds should germinate in 10 days. Never let seedlings nor medium dry out nor over water.  Prick out when large enough to handle into individual pots and grow on. Shallow rooted. Be warned seedlings have very fine hair like roots and can damage easily. Have pots ready to receive when transplanting to avoid roots from drying out.


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