Triteleia hyacinthina seed (Fool’s Onion)


PNW member of the Garry Oak ecosystem.  Its gorgeous and still bears another common name of  “white brodiaea” because at one time this species was lumped into the genus Brodiaea (Hyacinth).  Needs spring moisture and sun. Dormant by mid summer.

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PNW gem. Blinding white flowers  with petal exterior marked with single dark grey stripe along the mid-line.  An absolutely stunning Allium you wouldn’t think at first glance as an Allium hence its other common names of “wild hyacinth” and “white brodiaea”.  Grows in open prairie grassland settings in association with Garry Oak ecosystems.  Other perennials nearby are nodding onion, common &  giant camas, and chocolate lilies.

Its corm/bulb is still used as food by coastal First Nations.

  • Seed Count: 15-20
  • Collection Date: July 2023
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Height and Width: 50cm x 20cm
  • Germination test type: hand sort
  • Family: Liliaceae

How to germinate Triteleia hyacinthina seed

Use the same soil mix as mentioned for Fritillaria of 3/4 organic material and 1/4 silica sand by volume.  Seed is small; best to directly sow, but sow thinly!  Make sure the medium is always moist when you do sow. Mist seed into medium and cover with 3-4mm of same medium via sieve.  Give 90 days of cold stratification. Germinate under cool temps.  Can be baggie sown if you are particularly dexterous in pricking out and transplanting delicate sprouting seed.


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