Cucumber “Parisian Pickling” seeds


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55 days. A reliable French multipurpose heirloom pickling-fresh eating cuke from the late 1800’s. Picked small (3-4cm) they make the perfect gherkins but grown a little larger they are excellent for dill pickles. Grown a little larger they’re great slicing for salads and other culinary delights.  We grow these on a trellis for easy picking and space management.  Produces well in less than optimum conditions; prolific in ideal.  Fruits might develop a slightest hint of bitterness if soil is kept on the dry side.  Prefers full sun; moist rich garden soil.

  • Seed Count: 12-15
  • Collection Date: coming soon
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: climber
  • Germination test type: germination

How to grow Parisian Pickling Cucumber seeds:

We have a quick way to germinate these beauties. Place dry seed on bed of moist loose coconut coir in a labelled coffee filter. Fold the coffee filter to make a secure packet. Moisten using very warm (not hot tap water) NOT WET. Place into plastic bag. Place somewhere warm (we tuck ours under the grow lights with the tomato transplants). Get your sowing medium and pots ready as you WILL be transplanting them in 3-4 days. Time your transplant kids so they’re in the garden safely after the threat of frost has past. Best as 3-4 week transplants. Heavy feeders, needs water & warmth. Habitat: warm well draining fertile soil; full to semi sun. Mulch. Strong trellis keeps bugs off cukes & easier harvests. Outside or Greenhouse culture. 4-4-4 liquid fertilizer every 1-2 weeks is good. Hates wet leaves & cold soil. ALWAYS water with warm water for happy vigorous plants (applies to tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and basil as well)



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