Yellow Peter Pepper seeds


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80 days. Rare heirloom with a 20,000 shu. Sweeter compared to the red version. Versatile for salsa, roasted, hot sauce, stuffed, pickled or chili powder.

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80 days. Rare heirloom with a 20,000 shu (Jalapeno: 8000). Not as hot as its red version with fruitier & sweeter tones. Very versatile for salsa, roasted, hot sauce, stuffed, pickled or dried for chili powder. Does well in pots. Nice healthy bushy plants produce blemish free fruit.  Starts life green then turns yellow when ripe.

  • Seed Count: 12-15
  • Collection Date: Oct 2018
  • Hardiness Zone: garden annual
  • Height and Width: 1m x 1m
  • Preferred conditions: Full sun; humus rich acidic fertile moist soil
  • Germination test type: 90% actual germination

How to germinate yellow peter pepper seeds:

Sow 5mm deep. Opt germ temp 28-32C. Days to germ: 10-14. Use warm warm water when watering. Habitat: full sun; deep fertile evenly moist well-draining warm soils. Big roots at transplant (mid May) bigger the harvest. Heavy feeder; use a balanced organic fertilizer. Bushy plants produce 10-15cm blemish free red wrinkled cylindrical fruits resembling male wedding tackle.


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