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40 days. Lovely peppery tasting rounded leaved green. Should be a mainstay of a healthy diet. Loves cool weather & perfect for a winter greenhouse.

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40 days. A pungent peppery cool weather green. It wasn’t my favorite until knowing rounded leafed types are agreeably tasty. Now I seek it in the garden nibbling away.  High in chlorophyll and other liver health supporting phytochemicals.  My sister puts it on/in everything from salad, omelets, pizza & simple grazing. Fast growing local strain. If the pointy leafed types are too pungent, this might change your mind. Bushy plants reach 45cm in a cool winter greenhouse for months of delectable greens.

  • Seed Count: 500
  • Collection Date: August 2019
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Soil: cool humus rich moist soil; full-semi sun
  • Height and Width: 45cm
  • Germination test type: actual germination 90%

How to germinate Arugula seed:

Direct sow 5mm deep after frost & every three weeks until mid-spring. For fall/winter crop sow in Sept. Optimal soil temp 4-12C. Germinates in 4-8 days. Thin plants 15 cm apart as crowded plants will bolt. Summer heat causes bolting; plan accordingly. Needs fertile well-draining cool soil & full sun for tender mild tasting greens. Provides heaps of winter greens grown in a protected area. One can also broadcast seed and thin accordingly.




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