Summer Squash “Gelber Englischer” seed


Seed will be available in the Fall 2021

This German squash variety is originally from Gatersleben seed bank. Does well in cooler climates with full sun but did incredibly under the week long heatwave that saw temps in the excess of 40C with no leaf scorch or aborted fruits.

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C. pepo.  Bush type type.  A beautiful yellow patty pan/custard summer squash.  Thin tender skins and dense tight grained flesh keeps its shape when cooked (not like others which just go limp).  Great flavour.  I might not grow zucchini again.  Best at the yellow stage as it gets a little tough at the orange skinned stage where its more suitable for soups, stews and perhaps dumpling/pierogi stuffing.

From German it translates as “Yellow English”.  Productive. No pest or disease problems.  Awesome sliced and cooked up with in butter and camelina oil, garlic and S&P. Still nice and firm when cooked. Walked through the days of scorching +40C heat no problem. My husband, who is not fond of squash, even went for seconds.

  • Seed Count: 10-12
  • Collection Date: Sept 2021
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: 1m x 1m bush
  • Germination test type: hand sort

How to germinate “Gelber Englischer” squash seeds:

Sow seed 2cm deep in well draining moist warm medium.  Keep warm (20-25C) as cold soils will reduce embryo metabolism and germination will not be optimum. Days to germ: 5-10. Habitat: full sun; deep fertile evenly moist well draining soil. Best in 30 cm tall hills; spaced 2m apart. Start outdoors after frost danger has passed or start indoors 3 weeks before transplant.  Use deep containers for prime root systems if starting indoors.


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