Corn “Blue Jade” seeds (Zea mays)


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70 days. Open pollinated multi-eared sweet blue kernel container friendly dwarf. Kernels ripen from white to steel blue. Excellent eating quality.



Though I haven’t grown corn for over 30 years and my curiosity could not be overcome with this short season, dwarf, open pollinated multi-eared sweet blue kernel corn and it’s one of the few which are container friendly. Water and fertilizer requirements are also less demanding.

Kernels ripen from white to steel blue. Colour deepens to a iridescent indigo sky blue when cooked. Cobs are half size of regular corn but watching one YouTube video, some plants bore as many as 7 ears. Far more than regular corn which often produces two. Being waist high, it doesn’t make for a very challenging corn maze, but at least you won’t loose your kids in the field.

I wasn’t disappointed. Eating quality is best when the white kernels start transitioning from white to blue and found it being just as tasty as fresh picked sweet corn from the Farmer’s Market. But it does become starchy when kernels fully ripen to steel blue where it can be dried and used as corn meal.

  • Seed Count: 30-35
  • Collection Date:  Sept 2022
  • Hardiness Zone: annual
  • Height and Width: 1m tall
  • Germination test type: Actual germination +90%

How to grow Blue Jade Corn:

Being fast growing, corn are hungry plants and need warm moist rich soil.  Being organic, we used compost, kelp meal, greensand and Gaia Green 4-4-4. Though best to sow outdoors, we started them in the greenhouse April 1st in containers to judge exactly how container friendly they were.  They were transplanted out into 1 gallon pots which were seated in compost fortified medium filled enclosed bed in a block formation of 50 plants when the threat of frost was gone.  We kept the bed watered as best we could during the +45C heat dome that sat on us.  Despite the months long drought that saw almost no rain, these did well.  We will be growing these again.  We sowed dry kernels in baggies of moist peat and transplanted into containers as they sprouted.  Needs warm soil so use warm water as you would when watering your tomato and peppers.

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