Bean “Yardlong” seeds


When summer heat knocks other beans off production, this one steps up. 30cm long thin meaty beans are a must for a proper spicy green bean dish.

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Yardlong beans are my favourite ever since served a dish of spicy green bean with shrimp years ago. I find this brown seeded strain very productive. Plants grow very quickly and start producing 30-45 cm long dark green tender stringless meaty beans in 2 months after the first set of true leaves. Needs a very strong trellis/pole bean tower to hold the mass off the ground. Once established its very resistant to heat that knocks back production in quite a few regular bean varieties. Very pretty mauve & ivory flowers. A perennial in tropical climates.

  • Seed Count: 15-20
  • Collection Date: August 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: garden annual
  • Height and Width: pole bean: +5m easy
  • Germination test type: actual/hand sort
  • Family: Fabaceae

How to germinate and grow Yardlong Beans:

Not frost tolerant, so if you sow these outdoors do so after the threat of spring frost is past. Or get a jump start on the growing season by starting indoors 3-6 weeks prior to seating outdoors. Soak seed 12 hours until fully re-hydrated. Sow 1-3 cm deep in warm well draining medium. Germinates in 7 days. Give lots of light and room for the roots to grow. Plants are only as good as their roots. A dusting of legume innoculant to hydrated seed prior to sowing improves vigour.


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