Magnolia obovata seed (Japanese Whitebark Magnolia)


Fully stratified seed that came as part of a seed trade.  Aka Japanese Whitebark Magnolia. Some consider this species more attractive than other Umbrella Magnolia group members such as M. tripetala.



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Single large fragrant ivory tinted flowers adorn branch tips in mid-late spring. Huge leaves are arranged in whorls making it a member of the ‘umbrella magnolia’ group. Known in Japan as honoki wood for sword handles and scabbards because if its durability, its ability to not scratch the blade and has no acids or resins that can oxidize the metal. Also known as Magnolia hypoleuca. Common names include Japanese Cucumber Magnolia and Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia.

  • Seed Count: 10-12
  • Collection Date: Nov 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: 5b-8b
  • Height and Width: 12m x 12m
  • Germination test type: cut

How to germinate Magnolia obovata seed:

Stratified seed. No longer needs cold stratification. Best to sow immediately upon arrival.  Prepare a deep pot with warm moisture retentive well draining medium. Sow 1cm deep sinking the seed edge side down. Give a thin layer of fine mulch.  Best if pot is fitted with a clear plastic bag to retain moisture, warmth, and keep pests (slugs love eating magnolia seedlings).  Place somewhere warm to encourage uninterrupted germination for big healthy seedlings.  We communal sow our magnolia spacing 3 cm apart as in the pic to conserve space under grow lights and greenhouse.  There really is no advantage sowing each seed in its own 1 gallon pot.




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