Araucaria araucana seeds (Monkey Puzzle Tree)


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This amazing living fossil reaches back 200 million years is now native to central and southern Chile and western Argentina. Thanks to the tall ships before the Panama Canal, sailors brought the delicious edible seeds with them from the western South American ports and spread them to ports around the world.   They are nature’s marvel with their unique sharp scales arranged in a geometric pattern.  Sweeping graceful branching.  Gendered species.  Like the ginkgo, its very long lived.

  • Seed Count: 10
  • Collection Date: Aug 2023
  • Hardiness Zone: 7-10
  • Height and Width: 25m x 12m
  • Preferred conditions: Full sun, well draining deep deep soils
  • Germination test type: hand sort

How to germinate Araucaria araucana seeds:

Seeds must never dry out and will be shipped in moist medium to maintain happiness. Make sure you add enough medium in a larger resealable baggie so the seeds don’t touch.  Store at 2-4C until conditions are ready to sow as these must not freeze. I’ve had these germinate in their baggies while in refrigeration.  When spouted, transplant into deep pots. Give plenty of indirect light.  Be careful of rodents/squirrels. Use hardware cloth to protect or place in a secure spot.

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