Ribes sanguineum seeds (Pink Winter Currant)


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PNW flowering shrub.  Bright pink nectar filled flowers hang in dense clusters in early spring providing much needed food for the hummingbirds. In mid summer, sweet edible blue berries can be harvested for jelly or left for migrating birds. Deeply veined maple like green leaves turn brilliant orange, yellow and scarlet. Suitable as specimen planting, hedges or wildscaping. A hummingbird magnet.

  • Seed Count: 50-60
  • Collection Date: coming August 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Height and Width: 2m x 2m
  • Germination test type: float
  • Family: Grossulariaceae

How to germinate Ribes sanguineum seeds:

Soak seed 24 hours then gently scarify seed by gently rubbing seed with some sand between your hands for about 10-20 seconds. Use a catch plate for any falling material or shake seed in a jar with some coarse sand for 2 minutes. Sow seed 5 mm deep, keep moist and cold stratify 120-200 days. Germinates within 60 days at 20 C. Keep pot in shade. Don’t let seedlings dry out. .




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