Asarum hartwegii seed (Marbled Wild Ginger)


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One of the most beautiful wild gingers with evergreen heart shaped leaves strongly resemble Cyclamen hederifolium with its marbled pattern of fine white veins on a dark green background.  Red-brown striped flared flowers are held below the leaves and usually sprawl on the ground.  Will make a large colony via spreading rhizome in time and is a breathtaking ground cover when grown in masse. Protect from slugs.

  • Collection Date: Aug 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: 6-8
  • Height and Width: 15cm x rhizome spreading
  • Habitat: partial to full shade on humus-rich, well drained soil. Tolerant of dry shade and drought
  • Family:  Aristolochiaceae

How to germinate Asarum hartwegii seed:

Soak seed 12 hrs. Mix with silica sand; thinly sow using warm compost (22°C). Thinly cover with same compost mix. Keep moist for 6 wks; then cold stratify (-4 to +4C) for 6-8 wks. Will start germinating at +4C. Grow in cool (max 10C) conditions).  We had seed germinate following spring when pot was overwintered in an unheated greenhouse the following spring. Don’t let sprouting / germinating seed dry out. Habitat: partial shade in well-drained moist, humus rich soil Tolerant of dry shade & drought when established.

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