Gentiana sceptrum seed (King’s scepter gentian)


PNW flowering perennial whose coastal range extends from southern Alaska to mid California. The last time I saw this species was +10 years ago in the near sea level coastal bogs at Shearwater.

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PNW flowering perennial whose coastal range extends from southern Alaska to mid California.  These were a pleasant discovery this summer seeing it again.  This seed was collected from plants growing in soggy alpine meadows and along moist lake shorelines (1100-1500 m elevation). Impressive colonies of mid violet flowers that barely open enough to allow pollinators in.  I’m sure the alpine environment influences growth and flower along with soils and latitude.  Garden cultivation will influence plant height, vigor and flower colour.  Needs evenly moist soils and lots of sun. I question the hardiness minimum (zone 6) as these plants, though buried under meters of snow.  Very small seed.

  • Seed Count: 15-20
  • Collection Date: Sept 2023
  • Hardiness Zone: 6(?)-9
  • Height and Width: 15cm creeper
  • Germination test type: float

How to germinate Gentiana sceptrum seed

Very small seed. Surface sow only in flats or containers of moist peat based well draining medium. Add a small amount of greensand (1tsp/litre of medium).  Keep moist via misting and clear plastic cover. Requires 90 days cold stratification. Give 20C days and 10C nights for germination. Again, keep moist via misting and clear plastic cover.  Give strong indirect light. Germination in 6 weeks, but can be erratic so don’t ever dump out the trays or pots. Seedlings need a cool environment (15C)  for strong growth Seed not receiving cold stratification had a zero germination rate. On a rock garden site, they used GA3 for germination in 14 days post cold stratification.

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