Dianthus superbus seed (Fringed Pink)


A hardy perennial pink with heavily fringed flowers. Its intense sweet clove scent is ideal for those needing a stem or two in a bouquet to fill a room with its perfume. Loved by pollinators. Being short, its great in front of a perennial border.  Good as a patio container plant too.

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This heavily sweet clove scented variety is aptly named for its heavily fringed petal edges.  Colours range from bold magenta to the palest pink to white and all are bicoloured via a contrasting coloured eye.  It flowers all season long until killing frost. Able to bloom in its first year from seed. Gray-green wispy foliage. Will make a nice sized clump in time. Proving to be super hardy after surviving the +45C weeks long brutal heat dome of 2021 followed by the -15C winter freeze in pots. Bees love it.  Excellent in containers. Do plant it along pathways to enjoy its heavenly scent and its show stopping unique flowers. Aka Superb Pink (I will not argue otherwise as this is my fave of all pinks).

  • Seed Count: 45-50
  • Collection Date: Aug 2022
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Height and Width: 45cm x 45cm
  • Germination test type: actual (+80%)

How to germinate Dianthus superbus seed:

Sow thinly in trays, containers or plugs using a moist well draining fertile medium. Seed needs light to germinate so don`t cover seed with medium. Mist well 2x daily; a clear plastic dome (or similar) is beneficial to maintain vital humidity. Should germinate in 5-14 days at 25C.  Never let seedlings dry out as the root system develops.  Can bloom in its first year from seed.


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