Arisaema ringens seeds (Cobra Lily)


A spectacular Cobra Lily with otherworldly beauty. I wish the green and white perfectly parallel stripes on the spathe had more definition. Large trifoliate glossy leaves. Best in shade gardens with ample soil moisture.

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A clump forming Asian cobra lily with a unique spathe that curls upon itself but never collapses because of the sturdy semi circular ridge. Large glossy tri-foliate leaves. Very dramatic. Easy to care for. Prefers semi sun/dappled shade with moist humus rich soils. Does well in our garden here in the Pacific Northwest.

Arisaema species are gendered, but its interesting to note Arisaema are capable of changing their sex even in mid season. Small plants are usually male until the corm reaches sufficient size thus carbohydrate stores to support seed production then it becomes female! One of the very few plants capable of ‘switching’.

  • Seed Count: 8-10
  • Collection Date: Oct 2021
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Height and Width:

How to germinate Arisaema ringens seed:

Soak seed 24-36 hours;; sow thinly at 6 mm deep; optimum germination temp: 20-25 C; days to germinate: 14-35. Never let seedlings to dry out. Alternative: soak seed 24-36 hours. Sow in baggie with moistened peat moss. Provide 20-25C. Can start to germinate in 10 days. Prick out and transplant. Regardless of germination technique, its best to grow the seedlings in containers undisturbed for the first few years so strong bulbs/corms can form until planting into final position. Seat plants 10 cm deep. Group plantings look best. Overly wet winter soils kill.





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