Aquilegia formosa seeds (Western Columbine)


PNW jewel. Red and yellow flowers dangle above a rosette of lobed foliage from late April to July. Loved by hummingbirds. Drought resistant. Will self seed.

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This beauty evolved with our climate. Basal rosettes of divided lobed, blue-green leaves on long stems. Scarlet and yellow two toned flowers are held high on tall stalks. Drought resistant. Easy to grow. Found growing all over my garden in wonderful patches from the rose bed to the strawberry patch. Flower stalks can reach 1m above basal leaves

  • Seed Count: 25-30
  • Collection Date: July 2020
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Height and Width: 1m x 30cm
  • Preferred conditions: adaptable
  • Germination test type: hand sort
  • Family: Ranunculaceae

How to germinate Aquilegia formosa seeds:

Soak seed 24 hours; fold in moist paper towel or coffee filter and place in plastic bag. Chill seed 5 days remove from paper. Press seed into medium. Keep moist, plastic cover improves success. Opt. germination temp: 21-27 C.  Days to germ: 25-30.  All  Aquilegia members will cross pollinate with great abandon.  Our seeds are collected from pure stands.

Self seeds everywhere when happy. Adaptable to many soil types. Not for deep shade


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