Paeonia lactiflora seeds (Chinese Peony)


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A perennial workhorse known for its hardiness, large scented flowers and longevity, its a favorite in all gardens large and small. Colours vary in shades of pink. Much loved by bees for its pollen bounty. Robust, clump-forming plants. Attractive lobed mid-green leaves. Long lived. Drought tolerant when established. Deer resistant.

  • Seed Count: 12-15
  • Collection Date: Oct. 2019
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Height and Width: 1m x 1m
  • Germination test type: float

How to germinate Paeonia:

Stratified seed. Pre-soaked in our Skookum Grow solution and cold stratified for 4 months. Given fall sowing and a brief warm cycle it should germinate with ease. We put all our germinating seed and tender fall seedlings in the greenhouse so they won’t freeze over winter. If you are more comfortable with spring sowing, keep the seed in moist medium at 2-4C until you are ready to sow. When sowing, place seed no more than 2cm deep in a well draining acidic medium and add a thin layer of mulch. We also use hardware cloth to keep foraging birds/mice from digging up the treasures. We pot culture our Paeonia, space the seed 3cm apart and grow in the pot for 2-3 years. You can get a lot of kids started this way and save space/time/medium. NOTE: all peonies send down their seedling root in the spring with the leafy stems emerging the following.





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