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This bundle of 50 mason bee tubes is enough to start building colonies. Tubes are 6in (15cm) long with a 5/16 inside diameter of sturdy construction.

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This bundle of 50 mason bee tubes is enough to start building colonies.  Each Mason bee female produces about 30 eggs.  About an inch (2.5cm) is used for each egg (includes growing space and pollen plug).  Female gendered eggs are laid first at the ends of the tube and male gendered eggs are laid at the front.  This allows males to emerge first so they can mature while they wait for their brides to emerge.  I paint the tube ends on each house the same colour then mix them up  when seating in refreshed housing for genetic diversity.

Tubes  are made of kraft paper. Measurements are 6 inches (15cm) long, 5/16″ inside diameter and a good sturdy gauge.

We tried using liners one year which didn’t work all that well as the female bees spent much time and energy chewing them up and removing them instead of pollinating the fruit trees.

Mason bees only have one generation a year.  They emerge about the time currents and huckleberries are blooming and are done when the last apple blossom petal falls.  Males are much smaller than the females and have a white moustache. Females have heavy mandibles used to make nests and defend their home.

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