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Phytosanitary Certificate costs for International customers

Hello All. This only applies to International customers who require a Phytosanitary Certificate for their orders.

There is rarely good news when it comes to government services fees. I’m not happy. Always wanting to offer an economical means of providing documents, the fees have tripled for a single application. This means I’m going in the hole. But there is a bright spot. I’m able to bundle the applications into one fee, but there must be a minimum of three orders for me to break even and keep costs as is.

So in meantime, I’m holding off applying for phytosanitary certificates until there is three or more international orders to keep our and your costs down. This more than likely will mean delays, but that all depends on how many people order.

Please be cognizant of what seed/plants are allowed into your country. If we have to cancel an order after we submit a phytosanitary certificate application, we will keep 10% of the order value because of the time needed to complete the paperwork. Please include substitutes in the order comments when making out your order so we can make the necessary changes to complete your order with a smooth time flow.