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Bare root plants

We are attempting to offer bare root plants to BC residents as Covid-19 restrictions have cancelled 2021 Seedy Saturday/Sunday venues and the VanDusen Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale. We are only using Canada Post for shipping.

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Food & Medicinal

Asparagus “Precoce d’Argenteuil” crowns. Organically grown by us from seed.

Hops “Baynes Sound”. This is our own seed grown female cultivar. Vigorous. Disease resistant. Deer Proof. A handful of strobiles added to any inexpensive beer kit will make it taste like an artisanal craft brew shared only with friends and family. One robust root = $15

Schisandra chinensis (Five Flavour Berry): $14

Camellia sinensis (Tea) : $18

Pinus pinea (Italian Stone Pine): $16

Pinus cembra sibirica (Russian Cedar/Siberian Pinenut): $15

Asimina triloba (Canadian PawPaw): $20

Cornus mas “Redstone” (Cornelian Cherry): $20

Prunus persica “Bulgarian Peach”: $25


Paeonia lutea ludowii (Tibet Tree Peony) = $14

Paeonia suffruticosa (Tree Peony) = $14

Cornus kousa chinensis “China Girl” = $25

Native (Pacific Northwest)

Organically grown from seed by us in simulated woodland conditions (Not in alphabetical order).

Trillium ovatum (Western White Trillium) = $15

Achlys triphylla (Vanilla Leaf): $6

Trientalis borealis (Western Star Flower) = $12