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Shipping of Bareroot Plants and Conditions

Be aware we hope to start shipping bareroot plants when the weather cools and the plants enter dormancy.

Shipping Options

With the increased price of fuel, shipping providers have to tack on a fuel surcharge that almost doubles the cost and it seems to adjust weekly. Canada Post is no exception. So this is what we’re going to do. There will be at least two PLANT shipping options: XpressPost and Priority. When you are ordering plants please choose of of the two. These options include insurance and a tracking number. If you choose an option for SEEDS (you’ll see these options in the drop down menu at check out) instead of plants, we will cancel your order minus a $5 fee for admin time. We make our own “train wreck proof” boxes. Plants will be tagged and bagged. Roots will be lovingly wrapped in moist newspaper.

IF your shipping costs far exceeds what is is spent, we will refund you the difference.


Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival. Some plants might be given an origami treatment to fit into the box. The sooner you can unfurl them, the better. If there is a problem due to shipping, we will be able to file a claim in a timely manner. Once it leaves our hands and in yours, our responsibility ends. Its up to you to ensure your plant kids alive and thrive. We do not guarantee our plants will grow for you or be hardy in your area. We will ship any plant to any area. If you kill it, it doesn’t make it through a winter or doesn’t sprout the next year, you run over it, a squirrel eats it, if it is too wet, gets frozen, gets stepped on, your neighbors dog pees on it we take no responsibility for it, these things are all beyond our control. Sometimes we grow a plant for years only to see it killed by neglect or kindness in two weeks. We ship healthy, true to name plants usually on Mondays or Tuesdays. However, our quality guarantee expires after the plants have been in transit to you for more than 7 days. If your area is going to experience freezing temps during the shipping period where plants can be damaged, please notify us. We will hold them for you and ship in the spring.

US Customers

US customers should be aware that you might need an import permit to accompany your paperwork to successfully pass customs. Please inquire to your USDA during this dormant time. Send me your permit via email before ordering. We cannot ship plants outside North America.

My Thanks

We were hoping to send out plants last fall, but a broken arm and my Ortho-trauma doc’s advise prevented me from doing any lifting beyond that of a tea cup if I was going to heal properly. Good thing too as I have near full range of motion now. My thanks to those who wished me a quick complete healing.

Spring Shipments

Plant sales will resume in the spring. We will be adding more selections when I’m able to move plants around for assessment. Feel free to make a wish list. Until we get a genuine newsletter functioning, go to our Facebook page and follow us as pics are posted of the latest this, that and the other.

Contact us: admin “at”