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Bare root plants

Be aware we have suspended bareroot plant shipping until Sept/October.

US customers should be aware that you might need an import permit as well. Please inquire to your USDA during this dormant time. Send me your permit via email before ordering. We cannot ship overseas or outside North America.

We are attempting to offer bare root plants to BC residents as Covid-19 restrictions have cancelled 2021 Seedy Saturday/Sunday venues and the VanDusen Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale. We are only using Canada Post for shipping.

Due to the radial head fracture, the Ortho-Trauma doctor advised not to lift anything heavier than a coffee cup. A difficult order to adhere to, but in order for my arm to heal properly with full function, that is a sacrifice I must take. My next visit is in Vancouver in December.

Plant sales will resume in the spring. We will be adding more selections when I’m able to move plants around for assessment. Feel free to make a wish list. Until we get a genuine newsletter functioning, go to our Facebook page and follow us as pics are posted of the latest this, that and the other.

Contact us: admin “at”

Asparagus “Precoce d’Argenteuil” crowns. Organically grown by us from seed.

  1. Six 3 year old roots/crowns = $ tba…enteuil-6-crowns/
  2. Twelve 3 year old roots/crowns = $tba…nteuil-12-crowns/

Hops “Baynes Sound”. This is our own seed grown female cultivar. Vigorous. Disease resistant. Deer Proof. A handful of strobiles added to any inexpensive beer kit will make it taste like an artisanal craft brew shared only with friends and family. One robust root = $15

Schisandra chinensis (Five Flavour Berry): $18

Camellia sinensis (Tea) : $25

Pinus pinea (Italian Stone Pine): $20

Pinus cembra sibirica (Russian Cedar/Siberian Pinenut): $18

Asimina triloba (Canadian PawPaw): $25

Cornus mas “Redstone” (Cornelian Cherry): $25

Prunus persica “Bulgarian Peach”: $30


Paeonia lutea ludowii (Tibet Tree Peony) = $14

Paeonia suffruticosa (Tree Peony) = $14

Cornus kousa chinensis “China Girl” = $25

Native (Pacific Northwest)

Organically grown from seed by us in simulated woodland conditions (Not in alphabetical order).

Trillium ovatum (Western White Trillium) = $15

Achlys triphylla (Vanilla Leaf): $6

Trientalis borealis (Western Star Flower) = $12